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Diaclone Devastator by Hellopike!

Well, I finally got around to making a G1 Devastator in the obscene fluorescent green. I tried to get him as close to the cartoon version as possible, although I did take some inspiration from the comic books. I now have versions of each one of the "official" Devastator variants:
  • Diaclone
  • G1 Fluorescent Green
  • G2 Yellow
  • G2 Orange
And who knows how many other unofficials? I used the following colors for the G1 version of Devastator:
  • Xereus Purple (Games Workshop)
  • Celestra Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Abaddon Black (Games Workshop)
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet (Games Workshop)
  • Fluorescent Green (Rust-Oleum Spray)

The yellow G2 Devastator is a special request I did for Tim Dawson. My personal feeling is that you canít really improve on the original; neither the orange nor the yellow Devastators held up well against the good ol' lime green. Same for the Combaticons (although the Urban Camo Ruination was pretty sweet).

What I found interesting was the fact that the yellow version is, apparently, easier to find than the orange version.

I used the following colors for the yellow version of Devastator:
  • Imperial Purple (Games Workshop)
  • Fortress Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Sun Yellow Gloss (Krylon Fusion Spray)

The orange G2 Devastator was also done for Tim Dawson. As you can guess, it's a pretty straightforward repaint.

Here are the colors I used for the orange Devastator:
  • Hobgoblin Orange (Games Workshop)
  • Liche Purple (Games Workshop)
  • Codex Grey (Games Workshop)
  • Chaos Black (Games Workshop)
  • Blood Red (Games Workshop)
  • Popsicle Orange (America's Finest Spray by Rust-Oleum)

Here's the story on Hellopike's custom Diaclone Devastator in his own words:

Hey everybody, today we have for your surfing pleasure an Action Master Devastator painted to represent the original color scheme from the Diaclone Construction Team. This just spawned from me finding some old Action Masters in a closet and having a desire to paint something new. =) I like the way he turned out best. I used all Citadel Acrylics on him — as Prowl Pants can attest to, they are probably the best paints to work with on stuff like this.

Now I know Prowl Pants isn't going to like this, but normally I'm not a big fan of Action Masters on a whole, mainly because they don't transform, but they do make for great pieces for painting because of the simplicity of them. If I could get my hands on a few more, I'm sure I'd do more customs. But then, the same can be said for Decoys. =) Luckily if I need a custom fix, I'll just pop by here and see what PP has got for us all to look at.

Completely unsolicited plug there, I assure you!

If anyone else has a customized Action Master they'd like to see featured, by all means email me and let me know!

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